By carliewired

71 F/ 22 C

Critters enjoy the 
sunshine as much as I do -
it brings us all life


I was even later this was 6:45 when I was driving away. The sun was already filling up my house. 

I drove into McArthur Island Park from the east entrance. I found Canada geese with goslings along the RIvers Trail. It appears they spend the night in the grass. The little ones were curled up and sleeping while the adults stood watch. 

I moved along the roadway to find a deer munching the grass near the former restaurant. I was surprised to find her wandering alone, but soon discovered another doe along the parking area. 

On the south side of the park I stopped to get a view of my mountains across the playing fields. I walked along the Rivers Trail to get a look at the river and the city beyond it. Baby marmots were scampering about. I found two on the cottonwood stumps. It is the first I've seen of this year's young. They are about half the size of the adults. 

I picked up some breakfast on the way home. I'm in for the day. There's always something to keep me busy. 

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