Young Flicker

The Flickers came this morning to eat at our suet feeder. This is the baby. When we first saw them, his mother fed him and introduced him to the hanging suet feeder. Now he goes there and eats himself. She isn't too far behind keeping an eye on him.

Another busy day today and another concert tonight. This one is a choral and piano concert of music by Brahms and Schubert put on by the Choral Arts Symposium that is going on at Western Washington University. It isn't part of the Festival exactly but is related. The same group of singers with added community members will be performing at the final concert on July 21st. There are still tickets for tonight's concert and Sunday's. Both look fantastic. So if you are in the area, come on down. Both start at 7:30 pm. Tonight's is at the WWU performance Hall. Sunday's is at the Mount Baker Theater.

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