The beach at the end of the road

We had a truly gorgeous walk on Muckle Roe today. It is noted as one of the best walks on Shetland and on a glorious day, it didn't disappoint. The furthest point was this pebble beach (apparently with red sand further down, but that didn't show because the tide was high) where we had a little picnic and rested. The walk back along a track, although shorter and easier underfoot than the walk out seemed to take for ever, and left my knees in a sorry state. However, the restorative powers of a bath and beer (taken sequentially, not at the same time) seem to have helped.

I am probably too tired tonight to put any more photos on flickr, but for the record the two albums are here (the general one) and here (for the gap in the hills, to which this blip pays homage). I particularly commend this addition to the collection, taken early this morning in amazingly calm conditions.

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