Mr Pumpkin and Mr Pumpkin

Day one of the holidays and naturally it was pouring down all day!
We got up late, had a late breakfast and lazed around for a bit.
My mum came over for lunch and then we carved the pumpkins. I've never done it before and I have to say they're ace! The Little Misses each scooped out the gunk and drew their designs on the front. Miss E went for triangles and teeth, Miss L went for a more abstract design - small round eye, freaky big square eye, titchy nose and huge zigzag mouth. They both look fabulous!!
My mum took them out for a walk with the dog round the village and I cooked a yummy roast. All day long I've been convinced that it's Sunday - Mr K was working at home so got up with the Little Misses (just like on a Sunday), there was no school (which there wouldn't be on a Sunday), my mum spent the day here (which she would do on a Sunday) and I cooked roast chicken (as I do on Sundays)
It's all been a bit confusing!!
Miss E had Weetabix for breakfast. I don't really like having things in the house that Miss L can't eat but as I said to Miss E her tummy is just as important as Miss L's! She's been downing the prune juice (with as much squealing, grimacing, gagging and complaining as possible) and has eaten lots of fruit all day. She still complains that her tummy hurts when she eats and can't manage too much at a time but she seems to be going in the right direction.

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