Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A sharp eye for breakfast...

This was taken through the back window, moments before he/she flew. The same sharp-shinned hawk (accipiter striatus) that has been visiting the yard for the last week or so. I liked this shot because you can really see what a true hunter this bird is - look at those eyes! He was looking all around (and below) for any careless little birds. Today, it was little birds - 1, Sharpie - 0...

Four more shots from today on Flickr, starting HERE

What a day yesterday! After the numbing drops wore off, I started to get a horrible amount of pain in my right eye - by 7 it was so bad that Hubs called the doctor's emergency service and was threatening to take me to the hospital. Fortunately, the doc called back right away, called a prescription into the pharmacy for a heavy-duty pain med and booked me for an appointment first thing this morning. Seems that I must have slightly scratched my cornea while my eye was still numb! Now I've got antibiotic ointment to put in my eye 4 times a day for the next few days and that should fix me right up.

Anyway, a bit more excitement than I wanted last night. And the pain meds always give me very erratic sleep, so I'm tired today. In fact, I may steal an hour this afternoon and have a quick nap.

Thanks for sending my optimistic little titmouse to the Spotlight page - once my vision had cleared, I was able to see that the shot actually turned out as I'd hoped. As for today, I am going to assume that it won't get better than a hawk on my cherry tree so I'm putting the camera away for the day. Maybe. Or maybe not....

Is it really 20 days until Christmas??? I am so frightfully far behind on ... everything. Well, maybe I'll send New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards this year.

Happy Hump Day, people! Or should I saw Happy Hawking Hump Day?


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