Journey Through Time

By Sue

Construction E-Blip

On the route to my auntie's house I pass this very, very long term construction that is going on. When I am returning to my house, I turn to the right, just beyond this mess, to get on the on ramp to the I-205 bridge. They are obviously going to be changing the on-ramp as the street to get to this point can be backed up for quite a ways as all the Washington workers are headed for home during the after work commute. This construction has been going on for a long time. Seriously...a LONG TIME. I think they started on this a year ago. This is a major overhaul of this intersection/on ramp thing. Every time we travel this road it looks different and this is only one section of the construction mess. We've had a hard time figuring out exactly what this was going to look like, but it's starting to look like something now. I think. And this was all I got today, so might as well post it.

Auntie and I went to the big Clackamas Town Center mall and roamed around JCPenney for some Christmas shopping. It's an ordeal, but we got some of it done. We are keeping our gift giving to an absolute minimum, but it's still an ordeal. have my permission to ignore this entry. It's not very exciting. It will be once this construction gets done. I'm assuming it will be a much better access to the bridge.

I'm way behind again. Sorry about that.

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