By Veronica

Alien invasion

Pylons always make me think of HG Wells' The War of the Worlds -- I have a vivid childhood memory of an illustration in a book showing these metallic monsters striding across the countryside pursuing screaming people.

I was hoping to take some photos on my way home from choir practice this afternoon. The light was beautiful, but within 10 minutes a massive grey cloud parked itself in front of the sun, while the rest of the sky was clear. So I fell back on one of the photos I quickly took this morning as the last of the mist was rising from the river. It's still unseasonally warm, 12C today. See last year for comparison. What looks a bit like snow in the foreground of this photo is false rocket growing between the rows of vines. Lovely blue sky, but I preferred the contrasts in the mono version.

In other news, S has now blogged about his Canigou exploits that I mentioned on Sunday, with more photos.

Much later: I've just found the same view in summer.

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