Orange, But The Future's Not Bright

I took my Honda S2000 to TGM Sport in Fleet, Hampshire today. I had forgotten that the M25 is a carpark. :(

Tom put a special additive in with the existing oil and let the car run for a while. He then drained it and put a higher viscosity in and replaced the timing-chain-tensioner. Bliss, that annoying ticking at idle has gone. He also serviced the car. I took a pic of the pollen filter that he replaced. He thinks it has never been changed. It looked like a bird's nest. :) He took me with him to test drive the car. He's a brilliant driver, has held a race licence for years and prepares and races Hondas. On the way back to the garage I spotted a house called Wild Ridings. I had a wild ride with him. :)

My pic is of a new shed at the garage. It is bright enough as it is but in that weird light on the cusp of a storm it was day-glo. As I left the garage the heavens opened and I had a very difficult journey home. The S doesn't like standing water.

Shame I didn't get to explore Fleet Pond, a SSSI and the largest lake in Hampshire, as I had planned. :(

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