Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Seven Three Zero = 2 years of Blipping

I've made it to two blipping years!!! :D

Sorry, but I couldn't resist doing a collage of my best/my favourite pictures again. Most of these were never published; but they are images I love. Large really is best.

Thank you to everyone who visits my journal especially my small band of faithful blip-mates who visit everyday and comment. You know who you are. Blip started off being therapeutic as I went through a period of lots of change and uncertainty. It was a great discipline to take a picture and record the day - most of the time leaving out the bad things that had happened. Now it is just fun and both G & I can't help looking for/noticing blip opportunities everywhere we go. AND I have "met" - mostly via comments but also in real life - some fantastic people through it.

I am a little unprepared today so don't have time to post links to some of my favourite images. I'll try to do an update tomorrow. In the meantime, apologies for not getting to you today. My evening vanished trying to solve a problem that involved visiting the branch of a bank in a Mall. Had a nice team lunch celebrating two birthdays (one real, one for being with the company) and a very lovely waitress really made my day when she went out of her way to cheer me up after the visit to the bank! Thank you Seagafredo. It is Thursday tomorrow and almost the weekend and I can't wait for it!

:D xxx THANK YOU!!!

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