Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This is the day!

My first ever Blip
Most viewed ever!
Most popular
Highest rated

I hope you don't mind the stats/flashbacks, but an anniversary is always a good time to take stock, and one of the better things about the "new look" site are the stats pages! (I recently discovered that Blipfolio still lives as well, though I haven't seen a link to it anywhere.)

I really wanted to do something other than a collage for my 1095th, but looking at the result and the time it has taken to get to this stage, an offering of my favourite images would have been much nicer. Sorry guys! [My original plan was kiboshed by a longer day at work.]

I really can't imagine my life without Blip! Just yesterday, I was in the lift returning from lunch, and a colleague commented about the camera in my hand. I said it was an extension of my arm (she laughed) and it went with me everywhere. She thought I was joking. I wasn't.

I really do appreciate my regular Blip Buddies who visit and comment on my journal everyday! Sorry commenting has been a bit erratic from my side off late. I do look at your pictures and sometimes leave a star... :)

I *think* I might like to change my name though to start my fourth year to CJtheRetroDJ. What do you think??

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