Marmalade fly

Today was a really sad day, Yesterday we all realised that Bruce had finally given up his fight to live, he was wobbly on his little legs, and could no longer get onto the chair from the floor...all he could do was walk a few paces then sit down and rest. He had fought so hard to stay with us, bless his little fur socks, but I knew he had had enough.
On Saturday Mr U&L and I were discussing Rainbow bridge, and exactly at that moment there was an amazing rainbow in a huge arc right across the houses opposite......I knew the time had come.
So today we gave Boo the final, best present we had the privilege to end to his suffering, a peaceful goodbye. The vet was so lovely, and we all went with him to say goodbye, he was such a special cat... The mighty Boosh!
With all this in my head I had little time to get a blip today, but I did see this little Marmalade fly - Episyrphus balteatus feeding on a sow thistle flower right outside the prep room door.
The Marmalade fly is a common hover fly (9-12mm in length) found throughout the UK. It is often one of the last seen each autumn and the first each spring.
Hopefully tomorrow will give me more opportunities

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