We have been orienteering over the border in Tockholes (phew forgot our Yorkshire passports and had to sneak into Lancashire via the back route over Haworth and Stanbury - much celebratory Le Tour artwork to spot on the way!) so it was the ideal opportunity to tick off another of the Lancashire Panopticons, this one being Atom in Wycoller Country Park. We are big hearted in Yorkshire so we will allow our brothers and sisters over the Pennines to have their art we have Le Tour!

Sadly, Atom was not entirely intact as the central sphere, which I'm assuming would have reflected the glorious countryside and its visitors, was missing and we don't know why. The structure also contained a couple of inches of water which meant Tony had to climb up the outside to enjoy the view from one of the 'windows'. The water acted reflectively so made up for the lack of the sphere in some degree.

Pendle Hill, home to witches, can be seen in the distance.

Please do look in large! More blips of Atom here.

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