Suisse O Week: Day 2 Stafelalp

It was a toss up today whether to go with an orienteering blip or another stunning view of the mountains. The orienteering blip won out. It is no mean feat to transport 4800 orienteers, support staff and equipment to the top of a mountain but here we are at 2556m at the Assembly area at Schwarzesee. From here we had to go downhill for 1000' to reach our starts and by the time Tony and I set off, the cloud had rolled in and visibility was reduced, certainly we only got glimpses of those stunning views as we traversed the mountain side at Stafelalp. Unfortunately Tony missed a control after what he felt was a good run so he's kicking himself a bit. I finished in 42nd place (out of 120+) so I was in the right half of the field which I am very pleased with. It was akin to running on the top of the Lakeland Fells with knobbly bits caused by glacial erosion (Tony said they were a bit like mini Roche moutonees), very fast for those who can run! If you haven't had enough of the Matterhorn yet, this is my favourite blip from today of it.

On a quirkier note, can you guess what this is?. The title will give it away!

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