If You Need To Call Someone.....

.....Use your mobile phone ! How times have changed from the old 'Press Button B For Your Money Back' or the pips going for more money and you haven't any more change. We still have a lot of these red phone boxes in Cambridge which are very popular with the tourists. They like to have a picture taken looking out of the door with the phone in their hand. I rather like the blue delivery bike leaning against the railings. Got my refund for the first mattress I returned also a refund on the delivery charge, then I bought some new bedding. It was quite dull this morning but turned out sunny, as I made a trip once again to the charity shops. I usually share my donations between several shops. This time it was books, jumpers, handbags and a stainless steel shoe rack that I think was meant for men's shoes as mine kept falling through ! Came home with several books as I usually buy something as well.

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