Tickled pink

Liz took me for a belated birthday lunch today at the veggie cafe in Ilkley which was absolutely lovely.  Over lunch, she told me that Holly was tickled pink by the fact it was World Toilet Day (there’s more to it than you might think).  

Later on, I was recording speedy sentences with my youngest pupil using Despite the fact as an opener.  We took it in turns to create the first half of the sentence and the other person had to finish it off.  He gave me Despite the fact I like being a toilet…  After dutifully completing the sentence (maybe you'd like to try?), of course, I had to tell him it was World Toilet Day.  He too was tickled pink.

After dog training, Little Dog requested an extra bit of practice.  Given it’s been a day of toilet humour, what better way to acknowledge World Toilet Day than with an Emergency Dog Blip?

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