The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Blumenvan in Gloucester Street, Stroud

Weekly visit by the travelling florists' van. I think it comes all the way from Holland. I tried to peep in the magical door, but could only see foliage. I hope there in Narnia inside.

I realised as I wrote this that there is only one florist's shop left in Stroud, which is of course in Gloucester street. Even ten years ago there were at least three, plus the Brummie boys with their flower stall outside the Sub Rooms. Are people sending fewer flowers, or are the supermarkets cashing in? Can't remember the last time I bought flowers. I'd like to do so more often. Almost time for hyacinths and amaryllis!

This is part of my One Street series, based on Gloucester Street, Stroud. You can see all of them listed on my biography.

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