MonoMonday Hobbies

I decided to join the MonoMonday challenge today. I enjoyed thinking of all the hobbies I've had in my life. There are quite a few of them. This photo shows three of them. This is a section of our living room wall. On the left is an antique clock from downtown Seattle. On the right is one of my paintings of Venice. The three hobbies here are collecting antiques and clocks and painting.

At this point I don't really think of painting as a hobby but that is how it started. And I no longer collect much of anything. We already have way too much stuff after years of both being collectors. I do still occasionally collect art made by my friends. 

All the hobbies I can think of that Arvin and I share include:

Collecting clocks, writing instruments, classical music records, tapes and CDs, antique furniture, art and family memorabilia.

Walking, folk dancing (that was a very long time ago), swimming (when I was little), Tai Chi (also a long time ago) and exercising (Arvin).

Reading, listening to music, playing games with family and friends, and attending concerts, plays and movies.

Singing (me), playing classical guitar and piano (Arvin), painting (me), drawing (Arvin), stained glass art (me).

I often wonder how we ever had time to work full time and raise families. One good thing about all of this: both of us are rarely bored.

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