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Bowood 2015 #30 (Sunday 21st June 2015)

At Bowood the final annual Dog Show and Summer Fair was being held in the event field below the terraced gardens. Max and Monty, the Wadworth shires were there and there was a falconry stand among other attractions.

I wasn't at the event but was able to overlook it from Bowood House's garden terraces. Nearby a girl was dressed as a giant bumble bee and dogs of all shapes and sizes were either with their owners or taking part in events. In the distance I could just make out two dromedaries which it seemed visitors were able to sit on. When the crowds occasionally cleared I was able to get a clear view of them. I took this blip for my Unusual Animals In Wiltshire Fields series.

After awhile I walked on down to Bowood Lake and around to the Doric Temple, where I sat in the shade enjoying the view away from the crowds.

27.6.2015 (1519 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
John Lee Hooker - Boom! Boom! (recorded live, first broadcast 5 October 1964, for The Beat Room, BBC)
Fascinating to see the audience shots on this live clip. The backing band are supposed to be the Groundhogs, but if so they've added a pianist for the occasion. They sound a little like the Nashville Teens, but I can't make a definitive ID. John Lee Hooker was born on 22 August 1917, Coahoma County MS, and died on this day, 21 June 2001, in Los Altos CA.

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