Grandpont Nature Park – 8.20 on 21 July 2015

3 hours 9 minutes after sunrise.

Week 29. The series

And now only stubble. If you saw this place for the first time today would long swaying grasses, buttercups, oxeye daisies, cow parsley, daffodils or moles appear in your imagination?

Definitive confirmation today that I have another 8 working days in my job. Three more this week, then two weeks unpaid leave to do some teaching for another organisation, then back for five more days.

It fits with today's announcement of 25-40% cuts to public sector spending. If you want to benefit from government money, go and work for a bank.

Edit December 2018
I am writing this over three years later because I want to record an important part of my own story. The sequence is held together with the tag 'Endgame'. 

Endgame 3
The news was announced by my line manager. We've been talking about it for the last two months, and even though Community Learning has not officially announced that we will be subject to the 30% across-the-board cut that we know is faced by everyone they fund, it's time for our organisation to make it definitive. There will, very sadly, not be enough money to pay me, and the organisation does not have the money to make up the shortfall.

Endgame prequel
Endgame 1
Endgame 2
Endgame 4
Endgame 5

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