One piece

can change the whole picture.

My last day at work for two weeks, then I go back just to tidy loose ends. In unremitting rain this evening I happened to cycle over the bridge where I was standing when I got the phone call offering me this job. Then I was watching a glowing evening sky.

Piece by small piece I am getting to understand what has happened in between. I was never good at jigsaws.

Edit December 2018
I am writing this over three years later because I want to record an important part of my own story. The sequence is held together with the tag 'Endgame'.

Endgame 4
Friday afternoon. Everyone had gone home except my line manager who was out at a meeting. But as usual I was still in the office making sure that everything that needed doing was done, even though I received the expected redundancy notice two days ago (though unexpectedly glowing - they were probably mighty relieved that I have agreed to go without making the fuss they deserve about how my work has been treated).

So I was alone when the email arrived from Community Learning: they like the work I've done so much that they have decided to continue funding it in full by scrapping the funding for other less successful projects elsewhere. In joyous disbelief I read it through again. I knew they admired my work - they gave me 'Outstanding' when they OFSTED-inspected me - but I had no inkling that they might do this. Elation! I can stay! I can carry on working with people like M!

Half an hour later my line manager returned. 'Have you seen the email from Community Learning?' I asked as he came through the door?
'Yes,' he said, then, in the micro second it took for his brain to catch up with his tongue, 'That's a problem'.

Shock. I am stunned. He'd convinced me that my sad departure was to do with funding. My redundancy letter was full of praise for my work and my remarkable contribution to the organisation. Diplomatic lies. He has been using the funding cuts as a convenient rationale to be rid of me. I argue with managers on behalf of our clients. I stand up for what is right. I am a troublemaker. I am best got rid of. 

I'm reeling. I pack up and leave.

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