Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Light the Lantern walk

Tonight I went to the Light the Lantern walk for Leukaemia.  Blue lanterns were supporters, yellow lanterns were those who had a family or friend affected by the disease and white were for those who were on the journey.  A mass of people out for a very worthy cause.

Now on to the serious business of Tiny Tuesday.

My favourites this week in no particular order are:

Crispin 25's decayed Holly leaf.
Black Tulip's raindrops on roses.
Davidc's gory housefly
AH14's drip
Lizellen's time clock

For stretching the truth
Lyn Jones tiny people
Natali's tiny people
Mrshb70's tiny plane
Romay's tiny people
Californiagirl1's tiny people
Wombat's absolutely not Tiny Tuesday entry

And there were some others I just have to give special mention to

Daring2go's beautiful Koru
Rainie's beautiful brooch
Donna Wanna's beautiful softness
Pipersmom's soft bee
osuzanna's soft fungi
Maura143's clever use of the filter
Connections most interesting blip on the caterpillar.

For the entries see here although some haven't come up on that link.

Thank you for all participating.  Next week will be TT20, Tiny Tuesday 20.  I think a mystery macro would be fun.  Biker Bear is sure to excel as there is nothing she like more than a mystery.

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