Royal Victoria Dock and London cityscape

Spent the day at the Excel Centre at the Royal Docks in London. There for the BETT exhibition (British Educational Training and Technology Show) which I've been going to for the last goodness knows how many years. Here's 2015, 2014 and 2013

A better year than many as long as you steered clear of the glitzy and glossy kit providers who just want to sell you the latest bit of technology. The trick is to hunt down the outfits that exploit technology to enhance learning. It's a trick I've not fully sussed even after all these years in the business.

It's also a place to meet contacts and to networking so in addition to all the content browsing I caught up with a few people who I've worked with in the past and am working with now. Most of the decent content is online now, as it should be. There's a lot of awful stuff too. This doesn't help our search for content for prison education as there is no online access in prisons only content that can be downloaded to a secure server and distributed over a secure network. Content providers aren't keen to get involved with backward steps like this.

On another matter, the journey there and back was remarkably smooth, little traffic on the road and straight onto the DLR and the same on the way back. Makes a change.

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