An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

If at First you don't succeed...

I've been imagining this photograph for a while and today was the day I was determined to have a go at getting the shot.

Not the best of days to try as it's been fairly hectic here today - new member of the team here for the last of her manual handling training, OT here to see Alan and supervise training, Tesco delivery, David working from home - all made my camera time a bit rushed but I am happy with the initial result.   

Lots of tweaks to be made (DOF and focus not quite how I want it) and more ideas coming (my hall floor could yet star in its own blip series :-)) but so long as the tulips last (they're doing well in the entrance hall as the radiator isn't working so it's baltic lovely and cool out there.) 

Early dinner as David is out tonight then afterwards I am going to sit with my feet up and read / catch up with blip / watch TV / write long overdue emails / doze off.

One of those options is highly likely to happen.  I wonder if you can guess which?   :-))

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