By Veronica

Windy day

This might look very clement, but it was actually blowing a typical Languedoc gale this morning. I like the way the houses on the Pont des Marchands look like little doll's houses.

I was in Narbonne for another networking event, despite not being too enthusiastic about the last one. But this was in a newly created co-working space which I was curious to see. And it is indeed a pleasant venue. They use the space for art exhibitions as well as work/meetings, and they're planning on adding a cafe. I met some nice people too, so it was a pleasant enough morning.

I should have gone back to Narbonne in the afternoon for yoga, but I confess after all the gadding about I've done the last few days, and driving back up the lorry-clogged autoroute at lunchtime in 70 kph crosswinds, I wasn't keen on another trip there and back. And it's raining now. So having done some work the plan is to veg out at home with new books instead.

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