Waterloo Bridge

I had plans for a walk, a bit of housework, cooking and baking this morning.  That all went to pot when I had to go and do some shopping at the out of town retail park.  I detest that place.  I had to go to four places all located well apart, and found myself just walking through the car parks to get between them all in the most efficient manner.  I was there for less than an hour, and could have been even quicker.  I never go without a purpose, and can’t imagine that I would ever just pitch up for an aimless wander round the shops there, wandering around the car parks.  Bring back the high street.  Once home, I did some chores and made some soup with leftover bits and pieces I found in the fridge.  I also managed to catch up with my back blips – so for the first time in three weeks I am up to date.

When the boys came back from church, TT and his bad back did some ‘old man’ gardening!  I also headed out to do a bit of garden tidying and weeding, and emptied out a load of pots whose contents had not survived the winter.

Late afternoon we all went for a pleasant walk round by the river in the sunshine. The woods were carpeted with wild garlic.  I was on the lookout for kingfishers – but wasn’t lucky.  We did see one poor lady duck being chased by three admirers.  They were funny to watch as they were just running around on the river bank – she didn’t fly away or jump in the river.

We came home for tea – more leftovers!

Here is BB under Waterloo Bridge - which I don't think I have blipped before.  I seem to be making a habit of blipping under bridges.  No graffiti here though!

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