More Edinburgh Meanderings...

.....Peter got the day off of work today so we decided to set out for some more adventures.
I had seen a lovely POV of the Castle from one of his pics...I made him take me to Princess Gardens to try and get that same view (extra) looked so much better in mono....(in deference to Mr Sleepyhead). 
A slow meander up to grass market to a shop I saw yesterday with fossils ......I needed to buy a fossil tooth for Flynn.....Lady Marchmont and I found this shop yesterday and I decided to got back...yes I got the Whale tooth Lady was hard choice as you know..but a choice had to be made.

After that we went to the Museum.....I had to see the Lewis Chessmen for glad I did as the Museum is just fabulous........and bonus ..there was a Celtic exhibition on which was just so exciting.
The Lewis Chessmen didn't disappoint ........I took lots of pics of I have mentioned before I especially love the berserker...(extra). The other thing that really blew me away was the Millennium some ways it reminded me  of the artist Hieronymus me it had that same kinda grotesque and interesting stuff going on.
We waited for the clock to do its thing on the started to play and the figures started moving and coloured lights lit it up....I loved it is a vignette of it with Peter and I reflected in the mirror(extra).

Another meandering down the Royal Mile we went into the Cathedral and some more shops ...looking for something special for my Mum. We had a bit of lunch (late) half way down and ended up down the bottom at Hollyrood Palace...which was already closed but I had a bit of a look around the garden.
When we got home I was knackered ...again ........and as I was downloading the pics and going through them I kept on falling asleep......I just managed to post for the day before.

Around 10.30pm we grabbed our cameras and headed off for the Kelpies to take pics of them lit up at night. I have to say they really are something during the day but again so different at night.
As I went to set up my camera on my tripod I realised that I left my release plate back at the flat DUH!........P loaned me his for a little bit and as I started to take pics there was no SD card in my camera.....jeez!...good job I had another with least I remembered the battery.
I couldn't snaffle P's release plate all the time so most of the pics I took were finding solid places that I could put my camera down...I found the best was close to the water with a lens cap propping it up...had to be careful not to drop my camera in the drink. In some ways I think it was rather fortuitous as I really like the low angle......lower than I would normally go with a tripod.

It was a lovely shoot...a warmish evening/night and we basically had the Kelpies to ourselves for quite some time (Peter reckoned that was because most people weren't so stupid as to be running around taking pics of them at midnight) was fabulous.
When we got back into the car it started to spit raining...that was just before the sky opened up and it just bucketed down...a bit hairy driving home in it to be honest. We got home 1.30am.

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