Birmingham French 1986 30 year reunion

So the big day of my university reunion finally arrived. All the planning paid off with a fabulous day on the beautiful campus of the University of Birmingham.

Immediately after our final final exam in 1986 I rounded everyone up for a class photo on the steps of the library. Mr hazelh took the picture using my old SLR on a tripod. Each classmate gave me 50p for a copy of the shot. Ten years later in 1996 we held a reunion and restaged the photo with everyone placed where they were in the original picture. We did the same again in 2006 (20 years on) and today (our 30th anniversary).

It's been wonderful to see old friends and hear what they have been up to over the past few years. In this group there are accountants, teachers, linguists, civil servants, a professor, a director of public health, a marketing specialist, an advisor on trade to China, and a couple of house spouses. Some travelled quite a long way to be with us from Germany and the south of France. Not everyone could make it, but those who did had a great time, and all agreed that it was well worth the journey.

Although I was the one who started the process of bringing everyone together for the day, it was my friend Jackie who did most of the hard work. She is in the front row on the far right in the white trousers. I'm wearing the spotty blue dress that I bought when out charity shop shopping last Saturday.

Exercise today: walking to and from campus from my hotel on the Hagley Road (14,669 steps).

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