My little drinking buddy

I don't often have a beer but today, doing the BBQ, it just seemed appropriate so had a couple of Coors.
This wasp was buzzing around and I tried a couple of times to get a shot of him, especially when he landed on Daniels spectacle lens! Daniel was very composed but just as I was about to 'click' he moved his hand as wafted him away.
He then came across to me (the wasp, not Daniel) and landed on my beer bottle. He didn't seemed too bothered when I tipped the bottle to get a better shot of him.

I've put another few photos as extras. This was going to be my blip until the wasp episode. Jonty and Foxy met Monty this morning. Monty really hit it off with Jonty and they were chasing each other around the field and were immediately great friends.
Foxy was ok, didn't chase and only barked at Monty when he came close to me. Trying to protect me I guess.
Those that know Foxy of old will know how amazing this is.

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