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12.8 miles

Two GPS sets agreed and the third measured today's walk at 12.7 miles. We took 6 hours from start to finish, including our coffee, lunch and tea stops on the way. The terrain was very challenging in places.

This is the walk I recced (is that a word?) on Saturday. Today I tried to avoid the worst of the boggy bits for the 15 brave souls who accompanied me. I did quite well until one section where we struggled to find our feet and keep them dry.

The forecast was iffy but it was fine until lunchtime, when it rained. At first it was a couple of shortlived showers. Then it set in and we had rain, either light or heavy for the last few miles.

The rest of the group were very polite to my face but I gather I have been rechristened as Bogtrotter after today!

There were a few priceless comments:
"I enjoyed parts of the walk"
"The weather could have been worse"
"I've been on one of Marj's walks before....."
"I'm glad you said to wear gaiters"
"It isn't a good walk if there aren't a few challenges."

Back at Steel Rigg car park I was surprised to see these two flag bearers. They were a distance away from me and the wind was too strong for me to hear what they said clearly. They - and their friends who are out of shot - are making a video to commemorate the life of an Iraqi who died 5 years ago.

Why on Hadrian's Wall? Why in the rain? Why?

I could not ask these and more questions. They did their best to unfurl the flags for the photo.

I'm ready for a quiet evening.

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