Traprain Law

Unlike last Friday I got up shortly after TT left for work, however I almost forgot that I had a school boy fast asleep as I did a few chores.  Poor BB had to be woken up eventually and chivvied along to get him ready for school.  As usual I walked part way with him before we headed off in opposite directions.  I went for a walk – part of which I would have done last night, if I had had more time.  It was mild again and I was soon feeling the heat!  It wasn’t bright though, and the countryside definitely has more than a hint of autumn about it.

I came home and did some housework, and before I knew it BB was home.  He was red hot and tired and said he felt like he was carrying the weight of the world home – his cello!

Back to Friday football, which is now at a later time, which is quite nice as we don’t have the same crazy rush as we did last year.  The weather deteriorated as we drove over to Meadowmill, to grey drizzle.  I went for a walk, but didn’t go as far as I might have done, and came back and sat in the car with my book.  By the time football finished the rain had stopped.  I am glad I managed to persuade him to go back, as he enjoyed it.

In other breaking news I have at last caught up with all my holiday back blips.  I have really been struggling to find the time.  They go from here to here, if you are interested.

Here’s a view of Traprain Law from my walk this morning.  I blipped similar a couple of years ago – but in the spring.

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