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By walkingMarj

Haven't I grown?

I first photographed Zoe on 17th October. Here she is, only 2 weeks older, but larger and much more confident. She can now go up and down stairs and is exploring the environment around her.

We won't mention that she vomited on Mum's carpet.  She was a delight to entertain, although I had to tear myself away to see to the dinner. For once we had our main meal at lunchtime on a Sunday. I'd invited Margret to come today and forgot I had a ticket for I, Daniel Blake at the cinema this evening, so our main meal was at lunchtime.

This is a Must See Film.  It's Ken Loach's latest and is about the difficulties that can be faced by ordinary people who need to claim benefit. The lead actor, Dave Johns, has been a stand up comedian for years, branching into a bit of stage acting more recently. This was his first film.

I think that the film is particularly effective in the north because it is set in Newcastle so we could recognise the urban landscape quite easily. It is shocking, makes you angry and frustrated, is upsetting and devastating because sadly the events portrayed are not just fiction.

Please go and see this is you have the opportunity.

The cinema was packed and there was a very interesting Q & A session afterwards. It gave us all chance to recover a bit from the end of the film.

Dave Johns lifted our spirits with humour too.  Who knew that Ken Loach does not allow his actors to eat dessert?  He says that "Pudding is the enemy of creativity" and Dave had mugs made with this slogan for all the crew.  "Worse that a Mogadon at lunchtime", he quipped. (That dates him!)

(When I came back from the cinema, we had beans on toast. I wasn't sure I could enjoy them after the food bank scene.)

So in recent weeks I have seen 13th  and now I, Daniel Blake.  Do see both if you are able.

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