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By walkingMarj

A doggy tail at the end of the year

I need to go walking much more often. Today I found another doggy companion. This is Zoe, whose first appearance on blip was here! She is now 5 months old and much more confident.

I did a 3.5mile walk and she ran about twice as far. She is excellent off the lead, coming when called. We did meet 2 golden retrievers and their owners; this was the only time she would not come to me, preferring to play with the big dogs.

Her main passion is chasing leaves in the wind.

I'm off to see the Berlin Philharmonic at the Forum Cinema on the live streaming. The other Marjorie is coming because Mum's leg still needs to be elevated.

If you are out celebrating tonight, do take care and avoid the fog and icy roads. Happy New Year.

PS The Berlin Phil concert was wonderful and we applauded at length in the cinema!

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