It's been a day of discoveries as the little pope and I continue adjusting and settling into a new home, community, and location.

I had my first run here this morning. It's what my old running coast would have referred to as a "smell the roses" run. I was checking out the neighbourhood on an increasingly warm morning.

I've done well to keep a balance of doing and being. I let some things go when others took longer than expected, and to accommodate unexpected visitors.

On a summer-like day I took my coffee outside and left the sliding door open for Benedict to venture out into the warmth and goodness of back yard. For a couple of hours or so he ventured in and out slowly increasing his exploring and discovering.

Eventually that point arrived where I knew he'd gone and I'd have to trust the process. At one point I heard him having a sort out with a neighbours cat. He didn't respond to calling or shaking the treat tin. My anxiety increased as the shadows lengthened and the sun dipped. "Trust the process" I repeated to myself.

Then he bounded in through his cat door and flopped on the floor :-)

During the 1 week I've lived here I've watched this small tree by my letterbox change colour. It reminds me of Virginia Creeper and I'm delighted it's here.

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