The Little Misses' beans and tomatoes are coming along nicely in their grow bag. Quite a lot of growing has been going on since they were planted
Today was a big day for me. 
I had my first job interview since 2001!!
I've applied to be a Sing and Sign teacher starting in September.  Full time enough to feel like a "proper" job and make it worth my while, part time enough to not affect Archie (or my lazing around time!!)
As usual I had put it out of my mind until the last minute so didn't think about doing any preparation until yesterday.
Then I Googled sing and sign auditions and felt sick to my bones that I had left it so late to prepare!!!
I had to choose songs, practice singing them and somehow get my hands to sign along as I sang. Gulp!!
And then I felt sick to my bones that having given all my attention to learning and practising the songs I had forgotten all about actually having an interview before the singing part!! Why do I want to be a Sing and Sign teacher? What makes me better than all the other applicants?
I woke up at 5am feeling bluuuuggh and unable to get back to sleep.
As the Little Misses sat eating their breakfast I tried out my songs on them. Despite having sang at them for years I felt incredibly embarrassed and self conscious. It was hideous!!
But they were quite appreciative and enjoyed joining in with me! 
Miss E then arranged the chairs so she could interview me properly! She asked why I wanted to be a Sing and Sign teacher which was easy enough. Then she asked me "if you don't get this job what the job would you like to do?"
I've been asking myself that for the last nine years!!
Once I'd got back from dropping the Little Misses at school I decided to give the downstairs loo another coat of paint.
What else do you do when you've got an interview to prepare for?!!!
Eventually I couldn't put it off any more. I practised my three songs dozens of times - in front of the mirror, put on clothes that weren't jeans, remembered to pick up the folder with my GCSE, A-Level and Degree certificates (which by some miracle were in the first box I looked in in the garage), my driving licence, passport and National Insurance card. 
And set off.
Thankfully twenty minutes earlier than I needed to because the house was on a newly built estate which didn't show up on my SatNav and clearly didn't believe in road signs!!
It went well I think. I managed to answer her questions, sing vaguely in tune (while remembering the signs, trying to look enthusiastic and happy and ignoring the video camera in my face!!!) and not say or do anything stupid that I tortured myself about the whole way home!!
She's got a couple more interviews next week and then she'll be letting me the person know the week after that.
Fingers crossed!
I was very touched that when I picked up Miss L the first thing she did was to ask me how my interview went. And she'd told her teacher all about it!
And when I collected Miss E she ran up, gave me a big hug and asked how I got on. She said she'd thought of me at 2pm when the interview started and hoping it was going well.
It made me so happy to know they were thinking of me. Sometimes I despair that they're completely self centred and uninterested in anything not revolving around them but then they're as sweet and thoughtful as they were this afternoon and I know they're actually pretty lovely!
And they were both anxious to find out if I'd be working weekends and holidays if I get the job and were touchingly delighted when I said I would not.

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