Travelling companion

I'd got myself a pack of heat pads for my sore back yesterday after the music session and applied one of them when I got home. It brought some relief, and the back was a bit better when I woke this morning, though still not fully back to normal.

What set out to be a trip to the Viking Marine shop in the Pavilion Centre in Dún Laoghaire to check out possible sale bargains turned into a hugely enjoyable afternoon/evening. The weather had taken a turn for the worse. Taking the place of the clear blue skies and crisp chilliness of last week, today brought strong wind and miserable rain. The Viking Marine visit turned out unproductive, but there were other shops to be investigated as well after that. There were also a few pubs along the way which proved enticing stops to provide shelter moments from the elements. It's strange how totally different the atmosphere can be in two pubs as close to one another as Weirs and Dunphys in Dún Laighsire. The first was hectic, really busy with a noisy lunch crowd, while the second was quiet, relaxed, laid back and a really pleasant place to be.

The shopping expedition wasn't an enormous success, but it was still an enjoyable time despite that. A bit of last-minute shopping in M&S's Just Food resulted in a varied goody-bag which made the basis of a very late brunch back in Carl's place, after which I made my way back across the city to an evening of music and TV.

So, what's the blip got to do with all that? It's just something I spotted in a car beside where I parked. I was struck by the fact that the little cuddly toy matched the driver's seat upholstery, which seemed a bit strange. It was too good a blip opportunity to miss, which was just as well, because the only other thing in the can at the end of the day yet another shot of yet another Dublin pub interior. An 'ah'-inducing cuddly toy is preferable to that any time.

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