An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Lola Hearts Boris...

Another settled night with Lola last night.  Woo hoo :-))  

Usual Thursday here.  Could easily have been mistaken for Piccadilly Circus!  

Painter, three landscapers, Louise, Tesco delivery, Hungry Hounds delivery and Pet's Pantry delivery to name a few!  Ashleigh and Alan headed out to get Alan's hair cut and go to a coffee shop.  David and Lola disappeared out for a walk.  I hid amongst the debris in Alan's current sitting room and tried to focus on my Christmas gift list.  I am pleased to report that four people who are notoriously difficult to buy far now have their gifts on order.  I can relax a little bit :-) 

David and Lola returned and joined me in Alan's sitting room.  Lola loves it as there's carpet in there.  The other rooms she has access to are all tiled.  David sat on the floor beside her and she was all over him giving him kisses and snuggling in.  Much better than yesterday when she was quite snappy with him.  Bloody women he says.

Without realising it, the afternoon kind of ran away from me so I headed to the kitchen to get the beef casserole in the oven and prepare the veg.  I had just finished when Brian, Gail and Boris, their almost three year old black lab arrived.  

OMG.  Mayhem!  Beautiful mayhem!  :-))

Lola was beside herself when she saw Boris (I can understand it, he is very handsome :-) and wanted to play, Play, PLAY!!!  David and Brian took the pair of them into the garden and as it was raining poor Boris did his business and like any sensible dog, wanted back inside.  No chance.  Lola was jumping and chasing and twirling and running from him, basically saying Look at Me!!   They ran about for ten minutes or so then came inside.

Well what can I say other than Boris was a perfect gentleman in the face of Lola's constant demands for his attention.  Such a patient lad when faced with out girl's puppy bounciness and her excited zoomie behaviour.   The funniest thing was, whatever Boris did, she copied.  Boris had a drink of water, so did Lola.  Boris sat down, so did Lola.  Boris barked, so did Lola (although she's perfectly capable of that without any encouragement!)

The pair of them ran about the place, well Lola chased and Boris ran away! If Boris took toy from her toy box she wanted it, even if she hadn't looked at it for ages.  If Boris sat down she was jumping on his back as though he was a pony!  And lot of smiley faces from her.   She just didn't give him a minute's peace.  

Somehow in the middle of this we managed to have dinner and chat!  :-))

The both had moments when they sat down to gather their strength and we thought Lola would conk out as by mid evening she's usually sound asleep.  Not tonight.  She didn't want to miss a second of  Boris's company.

Finally it was time for them to leave (I imagine much to the relief of Boris! :-) and I don't think their car could have been out the driveway before she had flaked out at the side of my chair.

A lovely, lively evening :D  

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