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By walkingMarj

Mini blipmeet - guess who?

Snow was falling silently and steadily when we woke this morning. 

I was "a bit" tired after last night's dinner party. Julie seemed fine. She left after breakfast and I set about preparing for our lunch guests. So, did you guess who that might be when you saw the thumbnail?

hazelh and Mrhazelh came for lunch, sensibly using a taxi to bring them.

After lunch - yes we did have food left for them after last night! - they taught us their favourite game, Settlers of Catan. I can understand why they are hooked. Since you can play only with three or more players, they also need to take other people into the inner circle of those who know the game. The rules are fiendish, but, by the end of the afternoon, I was beginning to grasp them. 

My cousin Eric phoned this evening, claiming it is difficult to find a window in my diary in which to speak to me. (Rubbish!!) We caught up on his family news.

My extra is a rather forlorn looking jackdaw in our garden this morning. Later there were two in the birch tree and they were looking quite frisky. They did a bit of tail display and then one fed the other. The snow had stopped but I thought it was too cold for such behaviour. I tried to open the window very slowly so I could photograph them, but they were too alert to the movement and flew off.

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