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By walkingMarj

First past the post

It was a lovely sunny morning and I decided to go for a short walk after lunch. It was the Sunday when car enthusiasts gather at The Crown pub to show off their vehicles. Lots of people come along to drool over the different ones.

I was quite sure I would blip a photo of an orange Ferrari. The owner opened the doors, which looked like giant wings, so that the young (male) photographers (and I) could photograph it in all its glory.

My route took me across a field or two (very muddy after all the rain). The sun was low on the bare skeletons of the trees and the sky was dark, dark blue.

This image won the place for my blip today.

The other Marjorie came this afternoon and we had a grand chat and catch up.

I've been reading very conflicting advice online about how to socialise terrified cats. We are going to keep going with the softly softly approach and hope it works. One site said that allowing a dark hiding place just perpetuates the hiding behaviour. Sigh. Anyway, it's just day 4 and we have a long way to go yet.

The catkins did a lot of thumping around while we were downstairs watching TV. One of them has also had Dreamies out of a special dispenser we were given.

Bookings for the Walking Festival start tomorrow morning. Hooray!

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