Woody's Wife

Another great and busy day today. I slept well last night and woke to sunshine. I had work to do on taxes but just could not concentrate. Instead I called a few friends and family to tell them about Shelly. Then I took a walk in our local park. I've been adjusting to this small bit of woods as compared to Whatcom Falls Park and not quite bonding with it. But this morning as I came toward a bridge I saw a young couple looking toward the trees intently. This is what they saw, a female Pileated Woodpecker. Suddenly I saw new possibilities in the park. It looks like she's working on a nest hole. So maybe I'll get to see young woodpeckers later in spring. That would be awesome.

In the afternoon I met Helena at the Mount Baker Theater for a concert by the Whatcom Symphony. It was a brilliant concert that began with a wonderful young French violinist playing Mozart's Turkish concerto, one of my favorites. We chatted with friends during intermission and finished the concert with the Overture to Oberon by Carl Maria von Weber and Hindemith's Metamorphosis. Wonderful concert. 

We met Shelly after the concert and all went to dinner at the Pepper Sisters. I love their southwest cooking. Then we drove Helena home and I went to Shelly's house for an evening together. The more I spend time with him, the better I like him. I am a happy kitty.

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