No gym today, as we were off to the morning showing of 'Isle of Dogs' at the Cameo. We were ALL off to see it, for it was the dog friendly showing. What fun! The Cameo foyer was jam packed with people and dogs of all sizes. We saw Mollie the Gorgeous Collie and her mum.

We collected a blanket on the way in and Archie took his seat between us. The lady next to me, with Mollie the Westie, had a big bag of tasty treats, which Archie was much more interested in than the boring biscuit we'd brought him. Or, indeed, the film. Nemo the spaniel, on the other side, was quite fidgety too, and had to be taken out for a wee while. The man behind had a dog that just lay on her back in his arms for the whole show.

Becky and Daniel were in the foyer to meet us coming out - that must have been a strange sight (not us - all those dogs) - and they took him off for a walk while we went off for lunch in town. Wagamama was the venue of choice, because we haven’t been for ages, and we're still trying to better the pad Thai we had in George Square during the Festival.

In the afternoon I popped over to see Uncle A, as I have been most remiss in this department of late. He was delighted with his Easter Egg.

My legs are a wee bit sore after yesterday's double dose of cross training, so maybe it's just as well we had a rest from the gym today.

Archie and I are about to nibble on our (respective) Easter Eggs.

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