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By Jeanneb53

Easter jigsaw - with help!

I have now finished my Easter jigsaw, as you can see with some help from Bluebell! Help not withstanding it was a bit tricky but I have enjoyed doing it. (It' a stylised Railway poster of Harrogate)

Out and about this morning we had a coffee the Potting Shed at Woodbank Garden centre. We got there just as the heavens opened. A funny day but much warmer than yesterday.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my 8 years snowy blip. It's so good to hear from you all and I do appreciate the hearts and stars and general loveliness!
A bit of a jolt this morning as I got an email from Blurb books with an offer of 41% off. So apart from the jigsaw I've been checking over my Year 8 blip book for errors etc so that I can get it ordered before the Thursday deadline (I do have the book in the system on the computer as I do it as I go along but there are always things to redo)

So here we go onwards to book and Year 9!

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