A New Adventure! Pinnacle Hill, Malvern

Ha! I would love to say that this is ME about to take off! But sadly, no, I am just the spectator!

My new adventure was walking another section of the Malvern Hills. When I was here a couple of weeks ago I walked a short section north to the Worcester Beacon. Today I started in the same place and walked south along Perseverance Hill, Jubilee Hill and here at Pinnacle Hill.

I could see the paragliders in the distance and once I finally got to the top of the third hill, I sat down and watched the spectacle right in front of me. I saw several takeoff and land, but mostly they were just soaring above and below me, in front and behind. Quite a show. I counted about 8 in the air. So beautiful and graceful! I stayed for about 45 minutes, wishing I had brought a picnic with me. See Extra photos.

It was a steaming hot day, but thankfully nice and cool - almost cold - on the ridge. As soon as I walked below the ridge, it was almost unbearably hot. Thankfully the walk back to where I’d parked was mostly through shaded woodland. My idea was to stop at a popular cafe on the way back for lunch but was sorely disappointed to find they were closed on Tuesday! Thankfully a mile later, back near where I’d parked the van, was another cafe - no amazing view but a delicious sandwich, cup of tea and cake.

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