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"Entrants Choose" Challenge

TT178 - The “Entrants Choose” Challenge

What a week it has been and I’m absolutely delighted with the response to the “Entrants Choose” concept.  It has been a nail biting race to the finish line.  I decided that in fairness to our Northern Hemisphere Tiny Tuesday entrants they should have the same time to review the images as our Southern Hemisphere blippers.  So at 6.00pm tonight when voting closed these were the results.  And what a tight race it was.   Thanks to the 41 TT entrants who posted a vote in the challenge    

Gold Medal
Ingeborg - Nautilus Shell (6 votes)

Silver Medal - a tie!!
mpp26 - tiny fungi (with 5 votes)

Aliscotia - Dandelion of fire! (5 votes)

Bronze Medal
Carolina - Window to the Soul (4 votes)

Three Votes
Admirer - Butterflies (3 votes)

isbi - Tiny flying ant (3 votes)

Two Votes
Trisharooni - Rosie Again (2 votes)

V1k1 - Forget me not + bee (2 votes)

All of the entrants below received one vote

Maureen482 - Cosmos Flower

CraftyLady - Autumn Shapes

Evolybab - Orange Poppy

Hinden - 3 Leaf Clover

osuzanna - Green Bottle Fly

BlackTulip - Tiny Umbrellas

Freyjad - Tiny Cones

Kimb - Whoa! I’m Outta Here!

Sheol - October Bee

Nickyr - Fly Agaric

LifesJourney - PhotoBombed

And so to my hearts and honourable mentions.   Obviously there were many in the list above that I would normally have considered for the Hearts and HH’s, however on this occasion I decided to take a fresh look at the TT entries that missed out on a vote.  It just goes to show how we all see things in a different way and on any given day the ten entries listed below could well win Gold, Silver or Bronze :)

Congratulations to EVERY blipper who entered the TT Challenge this week.  You truly are a loyal bunch and I have enjoyed the past four weeks enormously.

Hearts from the Wombat

Hanulli - Coins

OldTimer - Chive seedhead

Stiffknees - FlyFishing Anyone?

davidc - Cape Gooseberry

Ninniex - Fluff Ball

Honourable Mentions

Jensphotos - 4 Leaf Clover

howesruth - Harlequin Ladybug

shirleyray - Play Ball

WildMooseChase - getting stuck in…

KeenKen - Stamen

TT179 will be a "Sensational Stamen" Challenge

The stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower. It produces the pollen. The stamen has two parts: anther and stalk. The stalk is also called a filament.

The macro images of the stamen that appear on a weekly basis in the TT challenge can often be quite spectacular.  I thought we should finish October and my stint with a scintillating show of macro stamen images from around the world.  You are going to have to bring your "A" Game to win a heart from me next week because I can feel it in my bones already, this is going to be a very competitive and hotly contested TT Challenge.

My image tonight is of the tiny flowers on the cactus growing in our cactus garden at Wombat Hollow.  It's about the only area that is immune to the wallabies at the moment.  I don't consider this to be a macro, but my goal is to try and get a macro image of the stamens in the flower for one of my blips between now and TT179.  I think it will be quite amazing to see the inner world of this tiny tiny flower :)

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for participating this week.

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