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Day 5 and it’s Valldemossa

Several of us chose to go to by bus to Valldemossa today.

It’s time to sing the praises of public transport here. It has all been excellent. The bus fares are also very cheap.

I thought I had too many clothes with me, but as we as ended the temperature dropped and the rain came. I was glad of every item of clothing, including my fleece gloves.

Chopin and George Sand stayed in the monastery here and I saw the piano he used for composing. There was a short recital on a modern Yamaha grand in the concert hall of the palace. I can honestly say that I have never heard Chopin played with so much rubato and so heavy handedly.

I had a good walk around the village and found the viewpoint in my blip.

Back in Palma I walked more than half way to the hotel before hopping on a bus. I have several images I like from today, but thought that some of you would enjoy the second extra! The first is of a young couple from Korea, whose honeymoon takes them fro Barcelona, here and the Paris.

Sat next to a French insurance agent on the bus. His wife is Spanish and I hope they will come to our festival!!

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