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By walkingMarj

A special present to (me) Warren!

I was very excited this morning because I was going to see my favourite physio, Heidi, in Cramlington. It was not to be. I had the appointment as 2.30 and it was at 1230. Ouch! I was so upset. Thankfully there was an appointment free on Thursday instead.

So the exercises continue with alarming regularity. It can feel like marking time and then I feel a small improvement. Hooray!

I was so glad to see Julie. She not only listened but told me about life outside these four walls. Perfect. She brought books for my delectation and is there as an extra as one of my series of sick visitors.

Sharon came to make our meal and help to tidy up. All good. (It just gives Mum a tiny break.)

So to the blip. A parcel came a few days ago but I did not open it, thinking I knew what it was. I was wrong. The beautiful wrapping covered a copy of Valda Bailey’s book, Fragile.
It is subtle and gorgeous, but why is it dedicated to “dear Warren”?

A mystery to be solved.

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