Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a nice lie in this morning.  Needed to have a good sleep after my busy day yesterday.

Spent some time on WhatsApp with Becky while I ate breakfast.  Then I had a shower and washed my hair before heading off to the doctors.

When I phoned up for the result of my blood tests and X Ray in November I was told to make a routine appointment - today was the first available appointment.   Two things to discuss - first the itching.  I don't have a rash - just itching.  Doc has tried various remedies - which have not made things any better.  So today she prescribed stronger anti-histamines to take for 2 months - then go back and see her.

Other thing to discuss - I still feel " chesty" and the cough I have had for a while still flares up now and again. I had assumed the X Ray was fine but the doc said  it showed up a white spot which they think is something called a calcified granuloma - a specific type of tissue inflammation that has become calcified over time. ( The formation of granulomas is often caused by an infection. During an infection, immune cells surround and isolate foreign material, such as bacteria. Granulomas can also be caused by other immune system or inflammatory conditions. They’re most commonly found in the lungs.) I have been given a 2 week course of antibiotics and need to book another X Ray for mid January.

After the docs I nipped to Tesco - needed to stock up the fridge with fresh food and buy some fruit.

It has rained the whole day and it never seemed to get light at all.  Miserable weather.

Wasn't sure what to pick as my Tiny Tuesday blip but I thought one of my Wade Whimsies would do.  Its about 1 inch tall.   I have around 12 Whimsies - all of them from Christmas crackers pulled many years ago. The first Whimsies were made in 1953  and were sold in boxed sets of 4 or 5. They continued to be made in the 1960s but were not sold directly to the public. Instead, they were packaged as 'giveaways' or premiums with various products and also found their way into several brands of Christmas cracker.  Thanks to Freyjad for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 7.278

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