As One

Take my hand and lead me,
Take my love and hold me,
Take my heart and tell me,
We are just as one.

Another of my Gran's poems. She and Grandad lived this one to the last moment. Their 65th Wedding Anniversary would have been next month.

The red theme continues. This one is for you, Ma, on your birthday. I know you like to see me dressed like a girl. Sorry about the watch! I can't become a complete girly girl now, can I? :)

Happy Birthday Ma. Thinking of you at this difficult time and hoping that you get some time to feel the joy of your special day. You know that Gran would have wanted you to.

All my love. XXX

In other news:

I had a good day's teaching today. Despite feeling pretty tired, I managed to be dynamic and I had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is the 'Big Day Out' at school and I have to wear orange. I'd better make sure it's all clean and ready. Not generally my colour but it's my house colour and we all have to wear it.

Oh, and down at the beach Cousteau managed to roll in a dead Albatross! I mean, I ask you, what's the chance of that happening? He's very smelly now but I'm too tired to clean him so he's just attracting flies on his bed instead. Charming.

Right, that's me. Off to have something to eat and a bath and to make a few phone calls home. Too early yet. I don't suppose they'd appreciate me waking them up at 6.30 am.


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