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By walkingMarj

Practice nurses - in Humshaugh

It was dry here this morning but still quite grey. I hear that it was sunny and bright on the coast.

On my walk through the village I met M (see extra), who was busy gardening for her friend S, who has had surgery. I had a great portrait shot of her, BUT had left the SD card at home. Mutter, mutter.

Walked home, put card in camera and returned. This time she was ready and you will see her "No paparazzi" pose!!

When I called at the surgery, Mum's prescription was not ready. On my way home, I realised I had forgotten to collect syringes for liquid medication there, so I returned. It worked out well. Here are two of our three lovely practice nurses who just happened to be outside and happy (relatively) to be blipped. Thank you to N and G.

The light is fading fast but the sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds. Lovely.

Arth thanks everyone for their concern about my carelessness yesterday. He is recovering......

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