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By HeidiAndDolly

Reindeer Helping Out

The Reindeer have done their Christmas duties and now are helping me out as stand-ins for my not-yet-finished finished fireplace project. On Nov 28th last year the project started and then ground to a complete halt after I was unhappy with how the company was handling the job. The blip on that day explains it a little. Basically, they were unwilling to make the hole larger by raising the lintel, even though everyone I talk to in the building trade assures me it’s not only possible, but easy, and certainly not against building regulations. And so I made the difficult decision to fire the builders and switch to a different company. I got some of my money back, but there will be some overlap of work and it will cost me!  But I’m still glad I’ve made that decision, and I like the stove options better too.

The project was supposed to be finished in early December but I now have to wait until the end of January for the next step, then time off for me to decorate, and then finally the installation of the gas stove after that.

So in the meantime the reindeer and a small tree, with some ‘snow’ are providing a pleasant winter scene to cheer up dark January days. And I’m sure they’re very happy not be be back in the box under the stairs!  Maybe next year some of them will be standing ON the mantle for Christmas!

In other news - I’m SLOWLY starting to feel better and still coughing some but I’m encouraged. A friend came over and watched cross-country skiing with me - sprint races in Dresden - and helped me with my jigsaw puzzle while we caught up on news. It was a pleasant day.

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