While on my runs

By waipushrink

Hidden away

The forecast was for a sunny morning and rain this afternoon. Low tide was about 0830, and swimming three to four hours either side of low tide necessitates being a small person, or walking for a long way through shallow water. I decided to spend the morning in the garden; trimming, weeding, sweeping, moving the compost through the bins (I have a three bin system). 

Shortly after I started on the work, S was rung and told that her mother had called the ambulance. The result of that was that she was taken to North Shore Hospital for tests and is staying the night while the medical team sorts out what to do to help her. She probably went home too soon nine days ago. We hope that won't be so this time.

The rain held off long enough for me to complete the tasks I'd planned. My blip is of the lowermost deck, which is down steps from the deck outside the lower level of the house. As such, it is tucked away in amongst greenery and is a perfect spot for an afternoon cool drink and conversation. But by the time I finished the rain was starting, so that has to be postponed.

As an extra, I have added a fun shot taken looking through the windows of the laundry shortly before sunset.

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